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A couple of years ago I had a new idea – these are knitted portraits. And recently this idea came to life. Of course, not everything turns out right away

It took more than one day to develop the idea. I had to do a lot of tests before the portraits looked like a photograph. After all, you need to select the correct jacquard knitting technique, knit the pattern, and maintain the scale.

What yarn is suitable for knitted portraits?

For knitted portraits, various yarns are suitable. It can be 100% wool, cotton, linen or yarn from mixed fibers wool with acrylic, linen with cotton or viscose. You can also knit a portrait from synthetic yarn: acrylic, viscose.

The yarn should not be too thick. Since the fewer loops and rows per 1 cm of the sample, the clearer and more realistic the knitted portrait will look.

The samples that I want to show you are made of semi-woolen yarn for hand knitting with a thickness of 2-2.5 mm. Each swatch uses 3 colors. The thickness of the fabric from such yarn is approximately 4 mm.

Where can knitted portraits be applied?

Knitted portraits will look original on pillows and blankets, bedspreads, sweaters, coats.

A sweater or knitted cardigan with a portrait can be a wonderful and unique gift for a loved one.

Pillowcases with a portrait of your beloved pet will decorate your home.

Knitted pictures look very original.

And what amazing patchwork style bedspreads you can think of. For example, a blanket of several knitted portraits connected to each other.

portrait 30×35 cm
portrait 28 × 32cm
portrait 30×40 cm

If you are interested in this idea and would like to order a sweater with a portrait, please send a photo using the form on the How to order page

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