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Weawing patterns , knitting patterns, patterns on a knitting machine

Weaving or weawing  patterns – A pattern formed by applying a trim thread to the wrong side of a knitted fabric.

Why “weaving”? Due to the fact that in the finished form, the knitted pattern obtained is very similar to the woven fabric. Such a weave can be made on almost any knitting machine (one plate), except for the  PASSAP machine  .

The technique of this weave is simple, only three techniques are used in the work and many options for their implementation. These are techniques such as:

  • Threading on / under the needles (different stall lengths)
  • Lifting swipes
  • Threading the needle thread

In hand-made, we make full use of all methods, their various options and combinations. On machines with automatic selection of needles according to the program (perfokart or electronic program), in 99.9% of the patterns made, they use the first method – putting the main thread on / under the needles. The other two methods are very rarely used because the process is not automated. All operations are performed manually.

Basic thread. For thin, light, transparent summer products, you can use thin cotton thread, linen, silk or viscose. The most important thing is that such a thread is strong and does not break during work.

The second finishing thread, which will be “attached” to the canvas with a basic thread. The finishing thread is much thicker than the basic thread

Weawing patterns are suitable for making pillowcases, blankets , bedspreads, punches , rugs, etc.

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